Peer-Review Process

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Manuscript Peer-Review Process

MPRP – Manuscript Peer-Review Process is a set of editorial services allows you to run your journal efficiently. It includes three major aspects journal pre-publication services, editorial workflow and post-publication services. We provide a high level of flexibility, so you can select the services you need and integrate your existing workflow. Smooth flow of all publication functions of an editorial office on a single independent platform, no software or computer resource based only required web-based browser and internet connection. MPRP

MPRP manages all the authors, reviewers, editors details and its integration with the

social and professional network. Which is managed and operated by Innovative

Publication and currently running 55+ Journals with MPRP

Unique Features of MPRP:

  • Journal User Management (JUM)
  • Manuscript Submission System (MSS)
  • Manuscript Peer-Review Process (MPRP)
  • Journal Editorial Process (JEP)
  • APC and Invoicing Management (APC Management)
  • Integration with ORCID, PUBLONS, Researcher ID, Scopus, PubMed, Google Scholar, etc.

MPRP Flexible Workflow(Submission to Publication)

MPRP integrates full production services from article submission to publications and post publication work like archiving, reposition and indexing in pdf, xml. Ensuring minimal delays between acceptances, ahead of print, proofreading, and final publication of the article. 24*7 online supports

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