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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How can I join as a reviewer with IP Innovative?

You can join as an reviewer by registering on MPRP Portal and then make request to join as a reviewer by submitting all required details like educational background, Orcid ID, Personal & Professional details etc. After scrutiny by Editorial Office, your account will be activated and will be notified to you.

2. How can I provide constructive feedback on reviewed papers?

You can give feedback by MPRP only as we providing an option to add comments and to attach the file also where you can upload word file by inserting comments for suggestions and modifications. Highlight both positive aspects and areas for /improvement. Suggest actionable solutions whenever possible and be specific, concise, and respectful. Feedback should be given in points instead of paragraphs.

3. What's the expected turnaround time for reviews?

On an average we are providing three durations for choosing the review time. On the basis of your availability you can choose review time:

    1. 0-5 Days
    2. 6-10 Days
    3. 11-15 Days

4. What are the benefits of joining as a reviewer?

Reviewing a manuscript is a time taking process but Peer-Reviewing offers several benefits to both reviewers and scientific community by improving the quality of published research. Volunteering as a peer reviewer provides you incredible opportunities. The Reviewers will get certificates for their contributions to the journal which can enhance their academic growth. For more details, Kindly visit

5. How to get certificate after reviewing a paper?

Once you will review an article and if the paper will be accepted, you can download the certificate from MPRP only by logging into your reviewer panel.

6. I received a mail for article termination or withdrawal from my reviewer panel, what does it mean?

This mail represent that the paper has already been reviewed by some other reviewer and now the status of the article has been changed so automatically it has been removed from your reviewer account.

1. Do you provide usage statistics reports of online journals?

Yes, we provide usage statistics report.

2. Can I subscribe back volumes of the journals?

Yes, the back volume is also available in our stock. You can subscribe to the current issue as well as back volume.

3. How to submit an article Online?

Article can be submitted online by using ONLINE SUBMISSION PORTAL: MPRP. First time user needs to register, then after email verification, you need to login as an author and article can be submitted in the desired journal along with the cover letter.

4. How to check the indexing of the journal?

Regarding indexing information’s you need to visit on specific journal’s website. In the about us page of every journal you can found the indexing and abstracting information.

5. Can I request a fee waiver?

Our journals are highly reputed that are renowned for its rigorous peer-review process, and wide readership. I understand that you may have concerns about paying the APC, but I want to assure you that the APC is an essential part of our journal's operations. The funds we receive from the APC are used to support our editorial and publishing team, maintain our website and platform, and provide high-quality services to our authors and readers.

I hope that you will consider publishing your article in IP Innovative Journals so We first recommend you to submit your article, then on the basis of your article and peer-review process we can give you some reasonable discount on APC. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us.

6. How much time you will take for peer review process?

In IP Innovative, we generally took 25-30 days on an average for peer review process, but in some exceptional cases it may took up to 35-40 days. It also depends on reviewer’s availability, author’s responsiveness and cooperation and article type as well.

7. Can I ask for reprints of my work after publication?

Yes, we encourage reprints to enhance visibility, collaboration and promotions. However, please ensure that any reprint versions are clearly marked as such.

8. How can I track the status of my submitted article?

You can track the status of your submitted article by using tracking option of MPRP – Manuscript Peer Review Process. You can easily track the paper by using your registered email ID and Article reference number.

9. Is IP Journals are indexed, as per NMC Guideline?

Yes, few journals are indexed as per new NMC Guidelines

Indexing and Abstracting Information
Scopus, DOAJ, Index Copernicus, Google Scholar, Indian Science Abstracts, National Science Library, J gate, ROAD, CrossRef, Microsoft Academic, Indian Citation Index (ICI).

10. Where can I find a Journals list of Innovative Publications?

Complete journals list is available on our website. Please click the link

11. What is next procedure after my paper is accepted?

After receiving article acceptance notification, you need to share the copyright form along with APC (Article Publication Charges). After receiving it and completion of whole procedure, we will be sharing the acceptance letter with you and will be moving your article to the production stage.

12. Can I update or correct my article after publication?

Before publishing the article online we always share the draft galley proof of the article with the corresponding author. So, if any corrections found can be notified or highlighted in the Galley Proof PDF so that it can be changed and updated version of paper can be published without any delay.

13. What is the APC for publishing an article with IP Innovative?

Article Types

Article Publication Charges (APC)

Accelerate APC

Original Research Article



Review Article



Case Report/ Case Study



Short Communication



International Processing

(For Foreign Author Only)

US $ 150/-

US $ 200/-

14. Is there any limit for authors to include their name in paper?

Yes, there is a limit of 5 authors. If a paper includes more than five (5) additional authors in their work, an additional charge will be applied for each author beyond the limit. The fee structure is as follows: 500 INR for authors from India and 25 USD for authors from countries other than India.

15. How to generate copyright form?

You can generate the copyright form by logging into your Author Panel on MPRP and after going to the Submitted article option, at the bottom of the page you can see the option to generate the copyright form. In this procedure you just need to provide the author details correctly along with their sign, It will create the same.

16. How to get Author service from IP Innovative?

If you want to get any sort of help related to plagiarism reduction, want to convert your thesis to article, want to resolve peer-review comments, you can simply take help from our or can contact us on +91 96504 36448/

17. Is there any method of increasing citations of published articles?

Yes, Citations can be increased by publicity of your article. You may promote your article on social media like on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook etc by giving direct link of your published articles. Apart from this, you can write a short blog of your article and can link it to mail published article and can post it publicly on social media and can share with your connections it will lead to more reach of your article and hence will increase the citations as well.

18. How to increase word count & references in submitted articles get some shortfall and not following journals guidelines?

In case of less word count than Journals guidelines, you may take some paragraphs from previously published articles of the journals from the archive and can add in your paper after paraphrasing it to avoid plagiarism. In return you can cite that article which will help in increasing Journal’s citation.

19. What can be done after rejection of the paper from IP Innovative?

If your article will be rejected in the peer review process as per recommendations by editors and reviewers, You can modify it one more time and can strongly address all the given corrections and drawback and can submit it again to the journal or any other similar journal of IP Innovative. We will process it from step 0 but still we don’t take any guarantee of its publication.

20. Is there any certificate which an author can get after publishing paper with IP Innovative?

Yes, we are providing with an option to download the certificate from MPRP only. Once your article will be published online, you can easily download your author certificate by logging into your author panel.

21. How to suggest reviewer if we want to?

You can easily suggest two reviewers after submitting your manuscript by MPRP. It will give an option of suggesting two reviewers where it will ask for their name, email ID and contact number.

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